engineered precision



    From project estimating to fabrication and shipment, Walpar’s processes are highly efficient and constantly improved. Cross-functional abilities at all employee levels allow us to execute on projects and meet industry demands.

    Deep, long-standing relationships with high-quality customers

    • Lowest “all-in” cost with highest “all-in” benefit
    • Competitive pricing
    • Structures delivered on time and “fit up” right the first time, insuring smooth field installation
    • Flexible fabrication schedule to meet deadlines

    The majority of our customers have worked with us for decades. Our team takes great pride in forging partnership-driven customer relationships and seeks to differentiate ourselves through excellence in design, engineering, product fabrication, quality control, and customer service. As a result, we’ve leveraged our reputation to achieve significant growth and industry leadership.

    Design and Engineering Expertise 

    Because our design and engineering teams are among the most experienced in the sign structure industry, we pursue the most complex design, engineering and fabrication opportunities, as well as those in other large scale, highly-engineered fabricated products. Our design and engineering team is led by Barbara Clements, a Professional Civil Engineer and graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with licenses in 19 states.

    Specialized Fabrication

    Fabrication is facilitated by our highly-skilled and experienced work force, largely on specialized jigs and fixtures which ensure the highest level of quality. In addition to our specialized fabrication equipment, we utilize nine overhead cranes, three mobile cranes, a press brake, numerous welding machines, multi-headed torches and plasma, and a variety of saws, mills, lathes, punches and radial drills. We have access to a galvanizing facility with a tank capacity of 58' x 7’ x 9’, positioning us well to pursue large scale fabrication projects.

    We also employ some of the most talented and experienced tradesmen in the industry, with a plant management team that averages over 25 years in metals fabrication. The average employment tenure of our shop employees is over 10 years.

    Walpar's quality practices and procedures have been certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) since 1993.



      The Walpar difference:


      Our experienced in-house team designs and fabricates cost-effective, high-quality structures that are easy to install. Walpar’s engineering capabilities as the signage structure “expert” are increasingly important for design-build projects where much of the design and engineering may otherwise be outsourced.

      • In-house design and engineering facilitates:
        • Seamless working relationships
        • Efficient design and engineering enabling quick submittals to states
        • Highly-responsive problem resolution
      • Walpar is increasingly an early-stage collaboration partner with state departments of transportation (DOTs), general contractors, and their respective consultants to assist in the conceptual design phase
      • Each structure and foundation is customized, uniquely designed, and engineered for its location, signage requirements (traditional green signs vs. digital), state regulations, specific weather conditions, sign areas, soil and site conditions, equipment and existing infrastructure
      • Approval processes with contractors and state DOTs are both time-consuming and intense, requiring "battle-tested” project management and engineering personnel like those at Walpar to keep projects both on track and within budget
      • Walpar has extensive expertise addressing foundation concerns, which are critical and integral components of structure design
      • Our ability to advise and innovate on-the-fly field solutions as issues arise sets us apart
      • Ancillary Service Lines
        • Walpar designs and manufactures complimentary products such as ladders and walkways for Digital Messaging Signs (DMS)
        • Walpar provides professional engineering review services related to the modification of installed structures

      The Walpar difference:


      • Tenured leadership and skilled workforce ensures well-managed fabrication schedules and timely completion of structures
      • Quality control personnel ensure:
        • fabrication meets design and engineering specifications
        • materials and welding certifications are secured
        • compliance with all state DOT requirements
      • Flexible and nimble fabrication capabilities enable us to manage expedited orders to accommodate time-sensitive jobs. We also provide consistent, timely delivery in a desired sequence furthering Walpar's reputation for the highest levels of customer service.
      • Quality Control is both an on-going process and a function of Walpar’s operations
      • Walpar has a long history of customer satisfaction and high-quality service.
      Their structures are consistently high quality and assemble with ease, along with footing designs that reduce labor and materials for our installations. Their efficient engineering, fabrication and delivery exceeds requirements. The staff has always been extremely attentive and prompt to our needs no matter the size of request. We’ve enjoyed working with them, and will continue to do so well into the future.
      Have received multiple comments on the design and fit-up of your assembly. The total design and fabrication detail greatly simplified our assembly and erection. I want to make sure everyone at Walpar knows how impressed everyone on our end has been. It’s been an absolute pleasure to do business with Walpar.
      For the nine years I’ve dealt with Walpar, their engineering and fabrication staff have provided ALDOT with excellent technical expertise, timely and reliable information and well-engineered structures designed precisely to our specifications. When conditions require modifications, they always work quickly to address and resolve any issues. I don’t hesitate to recommend them as a supplier.
      — Alabama DOT Construction Bureau