Overhead span structures

  1. Box Truss span
  2. Tri Truss span
  3. Monotube span
  4. Bent tube span


  • Sign support (static panel or Digital Message Signs)
  • Toll gantry
  • Light signals
  • Piping support across highways or waterways
  • Louver support on glass buildings
  • Height restrictors at plants

Characteristics:  Typically spans all lanes of traffic up to 250 feet (can be longer if design requires). Various upright column configurations allow for footings in areas with restricted space. 

Butterfly structures

  1. Monotube span
  2. F type span
  3. Single plane span
  4. Box truss span


  • Sign support (static panel, DMS, or back to back DMS)
  • Toll gantry equipment

Characteristics:  Spans can vary from 7 to 30 feet, usually installed in median or highway shoulder, offers easy access to DMS signs

Cantilever structures

  1. Monotube cantilever
  2. Single plane cantilever
  3. Box truss cantilever
  4. Bent tube cantilever


  • Sign support (static panel or DMS)
  • Toll gantry
  • Light signals

Characteristics:  Typically spans one to two lanes of traffic. This type is utilized when there is only room for one upright column or when signs are not needed across all lanes.

Bridge mounted structures


  • Sign support (static panel or DMS)

Characteristics:  This is a sign support that is attached to a bridge parapet and girder. This type is utilized when there are space restrictions near a bridge.

Ground mounted break-away structures


  • Sign support (static panel or DMS)

Characteristics:  This is a sign support that is typically located on the highway shoulder. This type is utilized for smaller signs and are designed to break away at the base if struck by traffic.

Foundation designs  

Walpar offers foundation designs for our structures to meet the requirements of specific field conditions and the Department of Transportation standards.  Our designs minimize the need for excessive real estate, excavation, rebar, and concrete. We offer spread footing designs and drilled shaft (caisson) footing designs.  When special circumstances arise on a project, our in-house engineering team will coordinate with our clients to meet unique design requirements.


Walpar structures can be delivered with any of the following:

  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Powder Coating
  • Industrial Painting

Most projects require galvanization. Walpar has access to some of the largest galvanizing vats available. Other applications include painting and powder coating.