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Engineering and Fabrication


Walpar, LLC, based in Birmingham, Alabama is an industry leader in the design, engineering and fabrication of highway sign structures. Walpar has furnished structures in over forty states and Puerto Rico and is a market leader in many Southeastern, Middle Atlantic and Midwestern states.

Complementing the company's leadership position in the sign structures market, Walpar has also developed significant expertise in the design, engineering and fabrication of a wide range of other large-scale, highly-engineered fabricated metal structures which have stringent quality and inspection requirements.

Walpar believes it has one of the most experienced design and engineering teams in the sign structure industry. Walpar typically pursues business opportunities during the design stage and considers its design and engineering capabilities to be a key core competency. As such, the company typically pursues projects where Walpar can be heavily involved from concept through the final acceptance of the product.

Walpar's quality practices and procedures have been certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) since 1993.

Walpar, Inc - Engineering and Fabrication

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